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Originally from Australia, I am a Bristol based artist working predominantly in oils and acrylics.  While away from my easel I work as an ophthalmic plastic surgeon. 

With every brushstroke and every unique mixture of pigments, I strive to capture the impression of colour and light on my canvas. My fascination with colour and light began long before I picked up a paintbrush. I found inspiration in the world around me, when observing the beauty of the effects of changing light on the landscape at different times of day; a beautiful golden late afternoon light, a violet shadow, or the sky and clouds reflected in the water. It is these moments that I strive to immortalize on canvas, to share my own personal interpretation of the profound beauty that resides in the everyday.

My artistic process is an exploration, a voyage into the realm of colour theory and composition.  My works range from the realistic to the semi-abstract.  I delve into the depths of my imagination, seeking to create artworks that evoke emotions and spark contemplation.

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